A PayPal sample code with PHP Pear

Times ago, because we entered the web2.0/e-commerce generation all custemers want an e-shop, I was looking for some Pear/PayPal PHP script without success.
Becouse i love pear for speeding up code development etc i wrote my little pear/paypal library, here an example.

$database = new Database($yourconfig);
$order = database->getOrder((int)$order_id);
if($order->status != 'Payable'){
$conf = array('ssl_verify_peer' => false, 'ssl_verify_host' => false);
$req =& new HTTP_Request2("https://api-3t.sandbox.paypal.com/nvp/", HTTP_Request2::METHOD_POST, $conf);
if(empty($order->token) || $order->token_expire < time()){//Create new token
	$SetExpressCheckout = array(
		"USER" => "info_1283974049_biz_api2.XXXXX.com",
		"PWD" => "XXXXX",
		"VERSION"=> "63.0",
		"RETURNURL"=> base_url()."order/paypalreturn/",
		"CANCELURL" => base_url()."order/paypalcancel/",
		"METHOD"=> "SetExpressCheckout",
		"HDRIMG" => "http://example.org/logo.png",
		"LANDINGPAGE" => "billing",
		"CHANNELTYPE" => "merchant",
		"NOSHIPPING" => '1',
		"PAYMENTREQUEST_0_AMT" => (string)$order->price,
		"PAYMENTREQUEST_0_DESC" => 'Order description',
	$body = $req->send()->getBody();
	$body = responseParse($body);
	$database->set_token((int)$order->id, (string)$body['TOKEN'], (int)time()+7200);//Add 2h expire time
}else //Use cached token

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